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The 15-Minute City - Live According to its Concept and Choose an Apartment in Kapitanat Garbary

Modern cities are setting increasingly ambitious goals for the quality of life of their residents. The concept of the "15-minute city" is becoming more popular, emphasizing convenience, accessibility, and sustainable development. The following article will introduce you to the investment that is Kapitanat Garbary - a place that perfectly fits the idea of a 15-minute city, offering luxurious apartments in the heart of Poznań.

What is Kapitanat Garbary?
Can an apartment building be more than just a typical residential investment? Of course! Kapitanat Garbary is a place that prioritizes the quality of life and convenience of its residents. Located in the very center of Poznań, at 102 Garbary Street, it guarantees quick access to all the city's amenities. Just a few steps away are the picturesque Old Market Square, charming boulevards along the Warta River, and Poznań's rich cultural and gastronomic offerings.

Within Kapitanat Garbary, 76 luxury apartments are being developed, each designed with the comfort and convenience of future residents in mind. There is also the option of having the apartments finished "turnkey," making the move incredibly easy and enjoyable. Additionally, the investment offers comprehensive solutions such as a 3-level garage hall, bicycle boxes, tenant storage units, and a representative lobby.

What is the concept of the 15-minute City?
This concept is an innovative approach to urban planning that aims to minimize the time residents need to reach basic services and attractions within the city. According to this concept, residents should be able to fulfill most of their daily needs, such as shopping, work, education, or entertainment, within a maximum of 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle from their place of residence. It is a response to the changing needs of society, which increasingly values ​​convenience, time savings, and living in harmony with the urban environment. By implementing this concept, cities become more resident-friendly, promoting social integration, active lifestyles, and reducing emissions and environmental pollution. The idea of ​​the 15-minute city is reflected in projects such as Kapitanat Garbary, which offers residents the opportunity to access a wide range of services and attractions within a short walking distance, thus supporting the idea of ​​sustainable urban development.
See what sets Kapitanat Garbary apart!
The safety and privacy of residents are a priority at Kapitanat Garbary. Thanks to the use of modern technologies such as video intercoms and individual chips in the elevators, access to individual floors is controlled, ensuring peace and security for residents.

Kapitanat Garbary also prioritizes ecology and sustainable development. The investment has been equipped with numerous ecological and environmentally friendly solutions, such as rainwater retention systems, green roofs, and water recovery systems.

Choosing an apartment in Kapitanat Garbary is not just an investment in real estate; it is a decision to choose a high standard and quality of life in the heart of the city. Thanks to its excellent location and comprehensive amenities, residents can enjoy the fullness of urban life, having everything they need just a few minutes from their doorstep!


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